A Beacon for Standards and Progressive Change
within the Concrete Industry

Crenz is a trusted resource for corporate, public and industrial clients, maintaining continuity regarding professionalism, industrial compliant safety systems, cost sensitivities to budgets, adherence to strict environmental policies, and providing advanced material finish solutions for polished concrete flooring in signature projects.
We are unique in the industry, working at the outer edges of the bell-shaped curve, some of our experience includes technical aesthetic knowledge from design through to architectural slabs, specialty knowledge from working in industrial mining project environments. We hold valid Government of Canada security clearances permitting us to work on federal projects that require them. We are progressive in our management processes both with projects and daily corporate operations.


Our portfolio ranges from small and medium to large projects, which includes the prestigious Olympic Village in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games, through to critical mining project facilities for the petroleum industry in Fort McMurray. Our portfolio encompasses shopping centres, university facilities, showrooms, city specific facilities including recreational and community centres, schools, firehalls. Completed projects range in size from 2,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet.

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Integrated Management Approach

As a performance specification, the Crenz System unifies quality assurance, project focused specifications, long term deliverable performance, safety procedures, aesthetic requirements, security compliance and industry best practices for installation and management of polished and specialty concrete flooring in signature commercial and industrial projects.

GeoLeht Solutions

GeoLeht solutions are turnkey flooring products by Crenz. A wide variety of sector specific solutions are available. GeoLeht Architectural Concrete Slabs capture old world beauty with modern technology, dramatically executed to your design vision. GeoLeht Thermal Laminate is a polished concrete solution addressing the unique needs found within industrial petroleum mining projects.

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Media Details

Our relationships and references include decision makers across many sectors; corporate clients, architects, designers, builders, and construction managers.

We view polished concrete as a modern art form. The key to delivering quality and aesthetic options resides in a required depth of technical understanding of the craft and eye for aesthetics.

When these elements intersect, the final product combines elegance with a touch of flair.

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Corporate Head Office

Re: Letter of Recommendation

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Roche-Bobois to thank you and Crenz for the polished concrete floor installation at our Montreal location. We at Roche-Bobois have developed a high level of confidence in your company and product. We appreciated the level of professionalism maintained throughout the duration of the project and completion of the project ahead of the proposed schedule. The ability to communicated in both French and English helped us to ensure no miscommunication occurred. Roche-Bobois has a discriminating clientele who demand the highest quality from our products and services. Your product has exceeded our expectations and delivers added value to the Roche-Bobois experience for our clients. We would without hesitation recommend your company to our clients and the remaining family of Roche-Bobois locations worldwide.

Best Regards,
L. Deb
Corporate Head Office
(Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa)

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Mountain Equipment CO-OP

National Operations (Vancouver)

Re: Letter of Appreciation

I am writing to express my gratitude on behalf of Mountain Equipment CO-OP. The project completed on time and under budget which is no small feat in British Columbia's current construction market. As you know mid way through the project we were able to accelerate the project and your company was able to alter its schedule and break up the work to have the entire floor plate complete well ahead of the originally agreed to schedule. This enable us to move the project ahead and open the Mountain Equipment CO-OP store on time. Throughout the process your company was great to work with, responsive to our changing needs, aware of the larger project schedule, and unique needs of retail. Your company greatly contributed to the success of the project and if concrete polishing is required for future projects I would consider your company without hesitation. As the project manager I would not hesitate to recommend your company to colleagues looking for concrete floor polishing or associated projects.

C. Higgins
Mountain Equipment CO-OP
National Operations

Crenz ColourEye
The Crenz ColourEye colour system is a translucent, penetrating colour system designed for polished concrete floors, and is specification compliant according to LEED platinum standards or projects with strict environmental policies.
Specialty Aggregates
Crenz exclusively offers white aggregates, and sixteen additional specialty CSA compliant aggregates for seeding or integral use within architectural mix designs. Six aggregate size options are available.
Crenz ColourEye Pantone
Building on the Crenz ColourEye colour system, Crenz offers a unique option for polished concrete flooring. Crenz ColourEye Pantone, a pigment based technology, utilizes Pantone based colour charts to create and deliver endless custom colour possibilities for polished concrete flooring projects based on your vision.
Recycled Glass-Aggregates
Crenz offers recycled glass-aggregates for seeding purposes in polished concrete floor design mixes. Three size options are available.
Crenz Protect and Finish Coat
(Penetrating Densifier and Sealer System)
Crenz water-based chemical products are designed to be user friendly utilizing our Quartz-Lithium technology, formulated for projects with complex performance and colour demands. Our products are compliant to LEED standards and strict environmental policies.

Crenz Restore Coatings
Building on our experience in polished concrete, Crenz offers two specialty coating product lines, a polishable coating replicating the polished concrete aesthetic that can be applied from 3/8 inch to 5 inch thickness with and without aggregates. The second product when applied after a mid level honed polished surface, out performs epoxy coatings.

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