A Beacon for Standards and Progressive Change
within the Concrete Industry

As a trusted resource for corporate, public and industrial clients, we maintain continuity regarding professionalism, industrial compliant safety systems, cost sensitivities to budgets, adherence to strict environmental policies, and providing advanced material finish solutions for polished concrete flooring in signature projects. We have completed over seven hundred thousand square feet of grind polish installations.
We are unique in the industry, we have developed processes from working on some of the largest high profile projects in Canada, our technical expertise in the aesthetic elevates the industry standard, we hold specialty knowledge from working within industrial mining project environments such as Suncor, and we hold valid Government of Canada security clearances permitting us to work on federal projects that require them. We are progressive in our management processes, we have a passion for our chosen field, and we have a defined vision.

Project Portfolio

Our portfolio ranges from small and medium to large projects, which includes the prestigious Olympic Village in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games, through to critical mining project facilities for the petroleum industry. Our portfolio encompasses shopping centres, university facilities, showrooms, public facilities including recreational and community centres, schools, and firehalls.

Completed projects range in size from 1000 square feet to over 120,000 square feet.

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As we have continued to evolve since the beginning, opportunities and challenges have moulded us into an efficient, progressive and focused organization.

Our business model has remained rooted on grind polish floor installations for commercial and industrial projects.

As we focus on the next chapter of our organization, we are not only determined on providing the resources from our industry to corporate, public and industrial clients, but also delivering a unique platform of new possibilities over the short and long term.


With over ten plus years of experience we have specialized in polished concrete material finishes for commercial and industrial signature projects, with new expanding interests.

We offer a wide variety of sector specific solutions, including custom architectural concrete slabs capturing old world beauty with modern technology, dramatically executed to your design vision.


Our relationships and references include decision makers across many sectors; corporate and public clients, architects, designers, builders, engineers, and construction managers.

We view polished concrete as a modern art form.

The key to delivering quality and aesthetic options resides in a required depth of technical understanding of the craft and eye for aesthetics.

When these elements intersect, the final product combines elegance with a touch of flair.
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Specialty Products
Signature Series

Earthlight R

An architectural slab delivered in an off-white colour that combines our CSA compliant white aggregate line. Ground to full exposure and sealed with thermal laminate sealer technology. This system is specification compliant according to LEED platinum standards or projects with strict environmental policies.

Earthlight T

Utilizing existing concrete slabs, Earthlight T utilizes our ColourEye
colour system and procedures to create an intricate cement Terrazzo style design pattern. Our colour system is a translucent, penetrating colour system designed for polished concrete floors. Our fourth generation Crenz Protect and Finish Coat water-based chemical densifier and sealer products are utilized and are designed to be user friendly, formulated for projects with complex performance and colour demands. All of our chemical products are specification compliant according to LEED platinum standards or projects with strict environmental policies.

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